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Every time I go to the forum I see tons of "guests" and few registered users online. I know some of this is due to the fact that some people just want to log on to check out updates, but I also know that some of you want to be a part of the board and don't know how. To help, I've constructed a few pictures that should explain things a bit more clearly. If you already know how to log in and post, but are still having problem, please skip to the Forum Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) located below.

Let's start with the basics:

Registering and Logging in

The first thing to do if you are new to the forum is to register. Simply click on the register button located at #1 in the picture to start the registration process. The process is fairly simple, and I've turned off email activation, so as soon as you finish filling out a few bits of basic information, you're ready to start using the forum!

After you've registered, click on "log in" located at #2 in the picture to identify yourself to the forum. Logging in allows you to create your own posts and reply to other people's posts. Another thing you'll notice after you've logged in is that the "log in" button will change to "log out [ yourname ]" when you have successfully logged in, as indicated at #3 in the picture below. This is important to check if you are having problems posting. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to type in your username and password exactly as you entered it when registering, including all spaces, capitals, dashes, periods, and other punctuation. To log out after you are done with the forum, simply click on "Log out" as indicated at #3 in the picture.

Logging out

Now that you're logged in, you are ready to start posting! First, browse to a sub Forum that will allow you to post (a list of those that do allow and don't allow posting are at the bottom). From here, you can either read other peoples' posts, or create your own. To create your own post or "thread" click on "New Topic" located at #4 in the picture below. Fill out the subject line and the body, and then scroll to the bottom and click either preview or submit. There are also some helpful formatting tools on the screen that allow for prettier text. If these get too confusing, just post without them.. they aren't needed anyway.

To reply to a user's existing thread, click on their thread on a sub forum, and then click the "Reply" button located at #5 in the picture below. This will bring up a similar screen as that of creating your own post and works the same way.

You'll notice that on some sub forum you can neither post your own thread nor reply to other peoples' threads. These sub forums are set up this way for specific reasons. For a quick view of what you can and cannot do on a subforum, scroll to the bottom of the screen and look for a box that looks like the one located at #6 in the picture below.

Posting help

That just about covers all of the basics you need to know to use the forum. If there are any other topics you wish me to clarify, please email me at: zach@CeliaGodsil.com.

Forum F.A.Q.

Q. Why can't I post at all?
A. Chances are, you are not logged in. This could either be because you haven't registered, or because the page has logged you out (which it does for security reasons). If you want to stay logged in each time you visit the page, make sure the "Log Me on Automatically Each Visit" box is checked which is circled in the picture below. If you are not registered or need help finding how to log in, please view the earlier part of this page for help.

The login screen

Q. Why can't I post on a sub forum?
A. Not all of the sub forums are set up for everyone to be able to post. General, Celia Stories, and Questions/Requests all allow you to both post your own topics and reply to all other peoples' posts. Guestbook is set up so that you can only post a topic, to simulate a guestbook where people would only post an entry. There's no reason to discuss someone's guestbook entry, so replies have been disabled. Finally, Announcements / Updates is configured so that only admins can post topics and replies, which ensures that all information comes direcly from Mark or I, or from someone that we've directly spoken to and requested to post on that sub forum. This is just so that you all know that all of the info you see about the state of my mom is correct, accurate, and directly from the source. On any of the forums, you can scroll to the bottom and see what permissions you have. If it says that you can post, you ARE logged in, but you are still having trouble, please contact me at: zach@celiagodsil.com

At this time, I can't really think of any other Questions that people might have, so if you have any other questinos, please email me at: zach@celiagodsil.com

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