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It is hard to know where to begin with the list of thanks that we owe to everyone. The outpouring of love, prayers and support has been overwhelming and there truly are no words to express how much it has meant and still means to our family. I can´t possibly list everyone that has been there in life´s most critical time of need and would feel terrible when I missed someone so please simply know from Celia, Zach and I that we have felt your love and can never fully repay you.

My family has been here with us and along with Barb & Tom Kelly have provided the in person love and support to get through this. Someone has been here at the hospital 24 hours a day since Celia came out of surgery the evening of the 4th. I can hug them all but have no idea how to thank them for helping to keep the most important person in my life here with us.

Everyone at my company I owe a tremendous debt to. I have not been back since I left on the 4th and they have taken care of everything and relieved a huge strain on me. I don´t know how I could have made it if it wasn´t for such a great group. One thing I have not even had to worry about is the business. All I can say is thank you but that doesn´t even begin to really cover my appreciation for all of you.


Everyone we know has expressed a desire and willingness to do anything they could to help us, here is where I take you up on it. There are some very simple but very important things I´m going to ask you to do;

First, please be sure to take care of Nancy´s family now when they need you. Even if you don´t know them please say a prayer for them. The same for Deb and her family, we are so grateful she is home and recovering.

Second, several people have asked about donating blood for Celia. Although it´s not possible to donate directly for Celia please go wherever you live and donate if you are able. Celia required 22 units of blood in the first few hours and several more for later surgeries. The blood that saved her life was here because people that we will never know gave this special gift, please pass that gift of life on, you never know who you will save.

Finally I need to thank everyone here at the Iowa Methodist Medical Center for all they have done. This is a Level One Trauma Center and one of the few places capable of giving the level of care Celia needed to survive. The doctors have been incredible but it is much more than that and again there is simply no way I could every adequately thank them for what they have done. Here is where all of you that love Celia have a chance to help us. Listed below are the names of people that have provided direct care to Celia, from the Life Flight crew that got her here to the doctors and nurses that have cared for her. Please pick any name or even several from the list and write them a letter. Tell them who you are, how you know Celia, why she is such a special person and thank them for helping keep her here with us. These folks do this as a job but should know how much we owe them for saving Celia. Beyond this list of individuals please pick any department you can think of in a hospital and send them a letter also. From the people down in the lab that daily provide tests so the doctor knows what Celia needs to the cleaning lady that is always so careful about how she keeps Celia´s room spotless to avoid infection. The maintenance guy I met at 2:00a.m. one night that was getting ready to test the generators that would keep Celia´s ventilator going if power went out, the respiratory therapy folks that give her treatments every 4 hours around the clock to maintain her lungs, the physical and occupational therapy people that have helped and will be a giant part of her recovery soon. There are literally hundreds of people here just doing their job that have made the difference. I am very sincere in this request and hope the hospital is flooded with letters soon so they all know what a special job they do and what a special lady they saved.

Life Flight Office
1200 Pleasant St.
Des Moines, IA 50309
Pilot: Tim
Nurses: Brian & Melissa

Trauma Doctors:
Dr. Myrie & Dr. Swegle
1221 Pleasant St. Suite 550
Des Moines, IA 50309

Orthopedic Surgeons:
Dr. Gehrke & Dr. Rodgers
DSM Orthopedic Surgeons
6001 Westown Parkway
West Des Moines, IA 50266

The general hospital address can be used for the rest of these wonderful people.

Iowa Methodist Medical Center
Intensive Care Unit
1200 Pleasant St.
Des Moines, IA 50309

Dietician: Margaret
Pharmacist: Lisa

Trauma - Bev, John, Jim, Wes, Josh, Ben, Alana, Bob (send birthday wishes to Wes´s daughter one year old)

ICU Nurses:
SharonCindy M.Lisa C.Ruth
Sue H.AmandaBeckyJanelle
KristaKatieCarol L.Larissa
Cindy C.BrooklynRenee DeAnne

Also just a general letter to ICU nurses for the people that will be caring for Celia after I post this. I know this is a different request for help than you expected but is truly important to us and I know soon they will all know just how loved Celia is, how important the job they do is, and that they are appreciated. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


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