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From Mark:

Hello everyone, it´s difficult to know what to say when there is so much but the place to start is to sincerely thank everyone for all that has been done during this crisis in our lives. From all the medical folks that have helped Celia to all the prayers and loving support from our friends everywhere.

Our son Zach has been incredibly strong through all of this and I´m very proud of him and his talents to create this site so we can all keep in touch. I will try to write as often and as much as I can to keep everyone updated on Celia´s progress. At times when I can´t either logistically or emotionally update things I know everyone will be understanding and patient. Feel free to leave messages for Celia for when she is able to receive them, it will mean so much to her when she is well enough to see them. I will read everything left for me but likely will not be able to respond at this point, and of course messages to Zach supporting him are wonderful. Please do continue to check different sections of the site as Zach will continue to work on them.

Your love, prayers and support have gotten Celia through and have been more help to Zach and I than you can ever know. Please remember both Nancy Lewis´s family and Deb Mastin and her family in all of your prayers.

Mark, Celia & Zach

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